A simple process : assemble, build and grow

“Fabrique de soi” support is built brick by brick in order to allow you to find your uniqueness and understand how to interact with your environment.

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Guiding principle

Trust and respect

Like a craftsman, we like to design our profession with the respect, patience and precision that support requires. It’s about giving shape to your intentions, shaping your talents to bring them to light and assert your uniqueness..

Our offer

Tailored to your measure

Always focused on individual added value in the service of the collective, our field of action extends from the private individual to the company and comes in different forms. From the individual course, through workshops, from change management in business to professional project management.

Be bold

Believe in the importance of

People can make the difference: The key to success is mutual trust. A real lever of value creation for all.

Responding to its vocation: not only it allows to position oneself in a fast changing world with increasing uncertainty but it forges commitment and a strong sense of purpose.

Daring authenticity: attract the right people and opportunity

Investing our talents: to grow, to give the best of ourselves, one’s personal brand emerges from the search for identity and meaning, out of which comes an awareness of personal strengths and talents.

Companies have everything to gain from valuing the motivation and talents of their employees. The key: commitment, initiatives and solutions that will contribute to performance and success.

Focus on talents

Innovative and pragmatic approach


Changing jobs several times in one’s life is going to become the norm.

We need the necessary state of mind and inner mobility to adapt to this new situation with relevance.

We need the boldness, perseverance and strength of conviction of the entrepreneur.

It’s a question of not being a victim of change but an actor. 

This will allow us to get rid of annoying habits & evolve for the better.

Our expertise

Alley of experiences

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When Gladys Bourdon, a young talented graphic designer saw the dot on the i of our logo, she immediately saw a strong point. We asked him to tell us the story and to map the process by which Fabrique de soi suggests you evolve in the right direction for you. The idea being that once you are connected to yourself you can define and carry a project in line with yourself and those around you.

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