Construire son devenir

An offer articulated around the relationship with oneself and with others, based on your trademark and your talents

Reveal and embody your personal brand

Reveal and affirm your identity

Set yourself a course

Communicate from the heart

Network for inspiration

Bring your employer brand to life

Make an inventory

Hit your core target

Manage your talents

Enhance your collective intelligence

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If you feel the need to change something in your professional life, do so with the strength of will, energy and capacity to face uncertainty of an entrepreneur

Our support aims at helping you to initiate this change and facilitate your journey:

  • get in motion and open up the field to the possibilities
  • contact the “energy og glow” proper to be “in its element”
  • learn to showcase your talents and specificities
  • position yourself on projects that are important to you
  • create new links, connect unknown territories 

Our offer is aimed at the project leader that you are… the one who finds the momentum to get involved, who has the resources to go all the way 

  • Discovering the entrepreneur who is in you opens the field of possibilities and is at the same time a source of fulfilment, creativity and performance.
  • Joining an intrapreneurial dynamic within your company means adapting to change with assertiveness and by enabling your best contributions


Whatever your situation, nothing better than an oral exchange


Who is accompanying you?

Anne Soto-Mayor and her network of partners in coaching, training and advice.

Solid foundations to support your development

Creating and respecting the conditions that promote change is a real leitmotif for Fabrique de soi. Find our on which methodological and training bases our support is based.

An offer tailored to your needs

Always focused on indicidual value added in the service of a given project or framework, our field of action extends from individuals to businesses and comes in different forms..