« fabrique de soi* » supports you in coaching, training, advice to find your place as a professional; whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, student, self-employed or manager.

If you aim for professional efficiency and accomplishment, we offer processes to design and communicate your personal brand in the handmade manner of artisans.

*In French, ‘fabrique’ means manufacturing unit and ‘soi’ means self. 


Assess and Garner

Reveal your intrinsic motivations and aspirations. Build a plan for the future aligned with your talents, values ​​and objectives. Prepare to convince and succeed

Evolve and Assert Yourself

Take your rightful place. Discover the strength of deploying your full potential. Exceed and meet the challenges that await you. Make yourself visible and communicate effectively.

Shine and interact

Experience interacting with people when your communication is connected to your heart – an authentic and powerful way to connect.

Our Mission : To help you align your personal brand to your professional aspirations and challenges.


Good reasons for us to get in touch:


·      You aspire for career change or simply wish to open up perspectives for the better where you are right now

·      You are in a search for meaning but don’t know how to go about it

·      You feel that in a fast changing world you more than ever need the capacity to be agility to adapt quickly and unleash your full potential.

At the crossroads,  if you feel the need to situate yourself, set a course, evolve, communicate, add authenticity and more… 

           Click on the rose dot below to get in touch with us.



I like to refer to entrepreneurship when it comes to one career path.

Entrepreneurs are animated by the will to transform into reality what they believe in.

They are the the explorers of their journey and have the energy to overcome obstacles, persist in reaching their goals. They dare to face uncertainty with courage and creativity.

They are fully engaged as a person. Using their heart to embody what they have in mind.

Anne Soto-Mayor

Director, Fabrique de soi

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The Guidance

« fabrique de soi » support is built brick by brick in order to allow you to find your uniqueness and understand how to best interact with your environment.




In a context of accelerating change every professional has to gain from the promotion of motivation and talents.

At stake: commitment, initiative and creativity in its field of excellence and contribution to individual and collective performance. 

An offer tailored to your needs

Centred around the proposition of value with which an individual can contribute to the collective success and participating in taking up new challenges 

A common thread : Trust

Just like a craftsman who loves to design his art, with the respect, patience and precision, our support aims at shaping to your intentions, polishing your talents to bring them to light and assert your authority.

Focus on talents

A real change in paradigm

Culturally, we are used to looking on our weaknesses rather than our talents. If we choose to put the focus on talents in order to develop them into real strengths and ways to differentiate, this approach enables you to reach excellence and allows you to differentiate yourself.

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Contact Information

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14 rue du 14 Juillet 89240 Lindry (Burgundy)

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Fabrique de soi is a Career established and referenced training center working in close partnerships with a network of coaches, trainers and consultants. Each of them will have at heart to put their specific talents and complementary fields of specialisation to serve your projects and goals. Consult the point of view of those who experienced our approach and services.

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They share their experiences.